Professional Headshot Photography

Having a good headshot is important for any model, actor/actress, and real estate/business professional.

Having a great headshot is invaluable and sets you apart from your peers.


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*Thank you for your interest!  At this time, my schedule does not allow individual headshot appointments.  If you have an office of 10 or more people who need on site photography, please contact me for a quote.*

Rhode Island Photographer Headshot Portrait Example

A full studio headshot session covers about 3-4 looks. There aren't any limits on how many shots I take, how many poses you do, or how many times you can change outfits. In studio time is limited to 2 hours. What's important is that we both feel we've covered everything, and you take away something you're proud of. I never let someone leave with a bad photo.

These aren't quick snapshots:  Many photographers sit you down, tell you to "smile", and send you on your way.  Their headshots show glazed over eyes, nervous smiles, and bored expressions.  That's not how I work.  As a professional or performer, it's important to go through a number of different expressions in addition to wardrobe. I'm here to coach you and make you comfortable and expressive.  In addition to expert lighting and photography knowledge, I've also studied body language and micro expressions, to help you speak without saying a word.  These images will set you apart from the crowd, grab the attention of the right people, and help land you more varied jobs.

RI professional headshot photography in Rhode Island
If you'd like to have a makeup artist, just let me know in advance, or you can bring your own.  Basic application of your first look is $50, each additional look is $20.

RI real estate agent headshot

Wardrobe:  I suggest you bring anything and everything you love, and maybe even something crazy that you feel fits your personality.  If you find you're lacking anything that jumps out at you, go shopping!  You can always return it after the shoot.

Please bring all items on hangers and as wrinkle free as possible (this really eats up studio time).  I have a steamer to smooth out anything minor that appears due to transport.

Retouching:   I'm here to give you the best version of “you” there is, while making sure your photos will represent you well in theater, on film, and in print.  Since the finished image represents both your work and mine, I also don't release any unedited images. My retouching is a full beauty edit, skin touch ups, removal of distracting stray hairs, and much more.  I even touch up darkness under the eyes from you staying up all night thinking about how awesome your photos will be.  Also keep in mind that what you see is what you get.  Your final images will be in the same style as the examples you see on my site.  If you don't like my specific editing style, you may want to look into a photographer who more closely matches your tastes.  Requests for re-edits will require an additional retouching fee, and may delay delivery of your final images significantly.
Corporate:  I also offer shorter sessions for real estate and business headshots in the studio.  You get the same great coaching to look your best, and time for about 1-2 outfit changes.  If you have an office that needs multiple headshots/group photos, please email me and let me know your office size and location, and I can give you a quote.  For groups fewer than 10, there is an additional $45 equipment transport and setup fee. RI professional lawyer headshot photography in Rhode Island
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 Cost:   A full in studio session for actor and model headshots, is $225+taxThe session fee includes up to 6 high resolution retouched images.  You'll have your own proofing gallery available at the end of the day for you to pick which photos you'd like retouched/color corrected.


Shorter business headshot sessions in studio are $100+tax.  This includes 3 high resolution retouched images of your choice.

All in studio appointments require a $25 retainer when booking.  Don't be shy!  If you're a no show, or cancel with less than 48 hours notice, your retainer is non-refundable.

Your proofing gallery doubles as a place to download your finals as soon as they're ready. Each additional retouched image is $15

Appointments are currently booked Fridays between 2:30pm and 6:30pm, and Saturdays between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

All models are required to sign a standard model release before photos are provided.  You can see an example of this here.

Call or email today to book your session!

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I know it's a lot to read, and I appreciate you taking the time.  If you have questions about anything I missed or would like to schedule your shoot, send me an email.

*Travel is billed at $.55/mile beyond 65 miles round trip.
*We accept cash, credit, bitcoin, PayPal, and checks. If paying by check, no photos can be released until funds are deposited.