Professional Real Estate Photography


Why hire a real estate photographer? Studies have shown that online listings with professional photography, lead to an average of 61% more views than real estate listings with low quality images.  This translates into more foot traffic and higher profits.  Speaking from personal experience, I likely would have missed the listing for my home among the hundreds I looked through, if it had not been for the great photography.



As for the cost, it pays for itself.  A recent brokerage study of MLS data revealed that homes with professional real estate photos commanded higher prices.  On average, homes sold for between  $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices, over those without high quality images.  Because online presence is so critical, homes with professional photos entice more potential buyers to visit the property.



Example of our attention grabbing evening photos

Dramatic RI real estate phoeo


To get the most out of your photo shoot, please take a moment to read the following tips for showcasing your property at it’s best:

Make sure the interior is clean and free of trash and clutter.  Personal items such as large family photos, dirty dishes, clothing, fridge decorations, etc., should be removed prior to the appointment.

Free roaming pets can show up in reflections, shake the camera, or cause damage to photographic equipment.  Animals must be kept in a room that will not be photographed during the shoot.

Ideally, the exterior of the property should be recently landscaped  (lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, fresh mulch, no weeds).  Cars should not be parked in front of the property or in the driveway.  Trash cans should be out of view.

I will perform minor cosmetic touch ups to the photos at no extra charge in most cases.  These include patching small dead spots in lawns and removing lint/stains/tears in furniture or appliances that will not be included with the property.  If there are any large two-dimensional works of art that are not able to be removed, and you’d like them replaced in post production, please let me know.  Further requested edits may be an additional fee.


Pricing is based on real world total property size of the area to be photographed.  This includes basements and unattached internal structures, but not exterior landscapes.  Please provide square footage when booking your shoot.

Property Size Price
0 – 1000 sq/ft $150.00
1001 – 2000 sq/ft $225.00
2001 – 3000 sq/ft $275.00
3001 – 4000 sq/ft $325.00
4001 – 5000 sq/ft $400.00
5001 – 6000 sq/ft $475.00
Twilight Image $150.00

*Prices do not include local tax.  Appointment cancellations not due to weather, with less than 24 hours notice, will be billed a $75 cancellation fee.

Reshoots due to unprepared properties are a minimum of $100